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Global best Sales tool CRM with the need

CloudCC 0 , All in one database

the CRM that the Listed Corporation are using ----CloudCC CRM
  • CRM integrated solution- All in one database

    Sales cloud let you, control transactions and more business opportunities anywhere, making business growth as easy as blowing off dust

    • Quick access to higher quality potential customers, quickly increase your business opportunities
    • Complete sales automation process, shorten the time of sales, improve sales efficiency
    • CloudCC helps policymakers to make more informed decisions in business models.

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  • Take a customer to experience an one-to-one journey

    CloudCC supports multiple channels of customer sources. Make full use of the network with each client through the mail, SMS, mobile, social media and other aspects for the experience of personalized, excellent CloudCC journey service.

    • Connection from any channel or device using data driven intelligent interaction.
    • Plan, personalize, and optimize the customer's access equipment and life cycle.
    • Allow customers to create their own personalized communications, real-time interactive.

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  • Today, to provide customers with the service of the future

    To provide personalized service for today's customers from the call center software, self-service portal.Our service solutions is to be delivered faster, more intuitive, more flexible and to meet the customer demand for the future.

    • Always online services, anytime, anywhere to connect to your customers to provide help.
    • Personalized service: to provide customers with any service, which is the magic weapon that could transcend the competitors.
    • They use equipment and applications every day, through a variety of channels to serve, support customers.


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  • Analyze the actual operation of all projects

    Now anyone can quickly get the insight they need. Large data analysis of the cloud in the first time, can directly make the results available to the right person for everyone. Business managers can access the required data through any device and act immediately.

    • Analysts have more energy to find new business opportunities, insight into the true state of each business and make accurate distribution of the business.
    • Administrators can use 000% of native cloud computing technology easily and safely manage any data.
    • Developers can now build, customize, and implement for each new business needs.


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  • Create action community

    With cloud computing community, you can connect customers, partners, direct and staff, experts to accomplish anything.

    • Drive channel sales directly to dealers。
    • Provide first class service to help customers succeed is equal to help ourselves.
    • To speed up cooperation with the agency, suppliers and partners.
    • To establish a deeper relationship with the customer through direct communication.

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  • Build applications faster and faster to achieve business.

    For the customer to build the basic elements, applications, etc., CRM CloudCC help you quickly build integrated, management, integration platform.

    • Anyone can quickly build an application using a click, not code.
    • In order to achieve your business by building a customer oriented application.
    • Any data integration and automation business process will be faster.


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Success stems from customers

Small business
with 0-99 employees

Enterprise technical personnel
Learn from CRM for how to make a potential customer become your partner
More details
Beijing hengyuanlitong Electric Power Co. Ltd. - manager Zhao

Medium-sized enterprise
with 000-999 employees

Business person in charge
that from the group of customers, sales forecast, marketing,to products, etc. have been effective in the fine management.
For more details
Deputy general manager of Digital China -- Wang Bo

Large enterprises, listed Corporation
with 0000+ employees

Informatization person in charge
To build a pre-sale, sale, after sale as the main body, with the administrative, human as a unified platform to strengthen the management of the group's sales data and financial data.
Person in charge of Informatization for Lanxum -- Yingjie


More than 0000 credit manager of Agricultural Development Bank to monitor the direction of the hundred billion loan.


The largest domestic medical group, with CloudCC for each person who love health to create a high-end healthy services.


As a leader in the national electric appliance industry, CHINT electric appliance group, the company uses CloudCC to continuously improve the sales and business management.


Li Ning center with hundreds of processes running on the CloudCC.


the listed Corporation in Shanghai market ,Camel Shares uses CloudCC ,for control of the final customer on consumer goods, transmission channels .


Domestic dairy giant,integrates wechat channel, APP, the Internet to create a social era CloudCC consumer goods industry model.


As the world's top 500, overseas use to manage business, while China has adopted a more local characteristics of


China's largest service providers in IT industry, make the use of CloudCC for comprehensive management of sales and marketing business.

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